The irreparable loss The historical legacy of Nepal Bodnath the famous stupa

The irreparable loss

The historical legacy of Nepal reduced to ashes.

The earthquake of magnitude 7.9 in the Richter scale has killed thousands of people, loss of terrible scope and swallowed several ancient monuments, historical and artistic heritage symbol of the country.

A few kilometers north-east of Khatmandu, the enclave of Bodnath, the famous stupa built in the fourteenth century and 36 meters high has "closed his blue eyes. The stupa has no head ", reports the Hindustan Times.

Prushottam Lochan Shrestha, historical interviewed by Ekantipur, declares: "We have lost most of the monuments of world heritage in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. These can not be restored. "


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