The earth shook again in Nepal At least 2,000 victims, but the emergency continues

The earth shook again in Nepal.

At least 2,000 victims, but the emergency continues


It was a night of fear the one spent in Nepal by the survivors of the earthquake that yesterday at 11.41 hours local sowed death and devastation.

Rescue operations have proceeded unabated, despite the darkness due to power blackout and the rain, falling briefly to lower the temperature to 14 degrees. Much of survivors spent the night on the street, refusing to go back inside the buildings left standing. Between late yesterday afternoon and the early hours of today, they were recorded other three aftershocks from medium to high intensity, one of which lasted two minutes, but from yesterday morning the ground is back to shake at least a dozen time.

The number of the death  rose from 900 of yesterday to nearly 2,000 of today, 700  in Kathmandu, at which are added at least 5,000 wounded, and heavy structural damages.

The earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale had its epicenter in the Gorkha district, halfway between the capital and the city of Pokhara, it was clearly felt also in Delhi in India, Western China, Bangladesh, Bhutan and up in Lahore in Pakistan.

The Everest base camp, it was hit yesterday by a huge avalanche, detached from nearby Mount Pumori as a result of the shock, which cost 17 dead and 61 wounded.

While we are writing, the rescue work is continuing, despite the lack of equipment, the interruption of water and electricity, and the lack of hospital facilities sufficient to meet emergency needs. Today Kathmandu airport has been reopened to the first international flights of aid, which are leading in Nepal basic necessities, medicines and know-how needed to provide immediate relief to the people.




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