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Each collection, like the canvas of the painter or the musician's musical score, has it's peculiar features, a sort of 'fil rouge' that makes the recherche of the collector unique and unrepeatable.


At first glance, complex heterogeneous collections of various sectors of the arts premiers and of contemporary art, assembled by a single collector, to a more careful analysis can uncover rather obvious connections and points of contact, revealing how the collector has




the specific note, this particular trait,


that universal archetype


in materials only apparently incompatible and different.


In the catalog "Passioni d'Africa" (L'Arte Africana nelle Collezioni italiane 2009 pag.193) Chantal Dandrieu outlines the character


 the search criteria




in African field of Mr Max Itzikovitz, typical of an


independent eye


 not conformed with the directives and stereotypes of the market,


always ready to discover


"new things ... and ignored"


and without the fear 


of defending his own new discoveries.


The result of thirty years of research, his Himalayan collection, seems inspired by the aesthetic presupposition.


The Dandrieu's words about the character of Mr Itzikovitz are confirmed by the memory of his first purchase in this area, the discovery of an anonymous and mysterious mask, something that looked like nothing he had seen previuosly.


OK 2.jpg

 He did not know which area it came from.


Then Itzikovitz decided to purchase other of the same typology, without worrying


about the absence of a "notorious pedigree", use, or ethnic group attribution.



An "unusual practice among lovers of primitive arts "always anxious to see "the unchallengeable" criteria of the age, authencity, origin.



 Free from all prejudice, supported only by his intuition,


he collected objects without history guided only by the aesthetic  criteria



... and "fresh eyes";



intrigued by the back sides that every collector would dream of finding in"a very ancient  Dan mask from the Ivory Coast, or a Quiche one from Guatemala...".


 OK 4.jpg


The name


Max Itzikovitz




some of his himalayan objects  probably partly reveals the


common thread


of his  heterogeneous intellectual pursuit of a universal archetype:


"Baule monkey begging", "Olga, Tribute to Picasso"  


"Francis Bacon's prize-fighter", "The astonished Inuit," "The Gesuit",


"The Batak" "Boris Karloff in meditation""Fantomas"...


OK 3.jpg




In the catalog




we discover an hidden side of this  International Collector of Arts Premiers, a sort of partial autobiography,


a mirror which reflects a part of his inmost soul;


not just a sectorial catalog , but the mature fruit of a mystical visual search, unavoidable chapter of a journey ..... of his independent, personal, unique and tireless, archetypal interdisciplinary research.


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Apparence du masque! Origine du masque ? Usage du masque ? Beauté et mystère du masque. Il est fait pour nous intriguer, il ne cessera plus de nous hanter et d'entrainer toutes les controverses imaginables car il est le lieu de la transformation, qui est l'essence même de la magie. Il déclenche les passions, positives et négatives. Il révèle les égos, les défauts, les enthousiasmes et les doutes. Il est fait pour étonner, éthymologiquement lié à "tonnerre", pas loin de l'éclair qui illumine et aveugle.
Chers peuples de l'Himalaya, c'est en votre nom que s'élèvent les polémiques, mais personne ne vous laisse vraiment la parole. Seuls vos masques sont là pour nous remettre en question. Regardez comme ils se moquent de nous!

Écrit par : eric chazot | 17/11/2012

L'ambiguïté de la chute du message précédent se voulait reflet de l'ambivalence et de la dérision du masque. Mais il faut que ce soit dit, le regard de Max sur ces objets, que nous avons partagé dès la fin des années soixante-dix, riche de sa perception éclairée de l'art primitif majeur d'Afrique, m'a beaucoup aidé et encouragé à affiner, à percevoir mieux l'originalité de la créativité himalayenne et à en rechercher les exemplaires les plus frappants. Le souvenir de ces échanges, pour le jeune voyageur que j'étais, reste gravé en moi à tout jamais avec gratitude.
Eric Chazot.

Écrit par : eric chazot | 18/11/2012

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